Some people dream of success...we make it your reality!


*Grinding Hay, Corn, or Corn Stalk bales with one  of our Haybuster Grinders is fun for everyone. Each grinder has a grapple on it, no need for you to stop doing chores or working cattle, place the bales in an area where you want your pile and we will do the rest. We will do our job and be on our way. 





*If you want hay, oats or corn turned into feed for you livestock, we would love to help. We have two Krone 850's and a Krone 1100 chopper with hay heads or Orbis corn heads. We use trucks to go along side the choppers to catch the feed, which we can and will provide. We have all the supporting equipment and experienced personal to ensure the harvest gets to its appropriate resting place.



*We have the ability to move your harvest from the field to the pile with our experienced and knowledgeable drivers and well maintained equipment.  We have enough trucks to keep the choppers moving with a limited wait time for everyone. We take pride in making sure that your feed is stored the way you want for easy use and accessibility.




                   *We also can help you get through the long winter months with bedding or later use feed to grind and mix in. We own two Hiniker Stalk Choppers that windrow as we make rounds in the field, and a Vermeer 605M baler that will do the hard part and leave you a nice bale. Easy storage of precious feed for long months ahead.  

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